We've got Dallas Fort Worth covered. 17 Partners

Our ads play in premier sports training & family entertainment facilities throughout Dallas Fort Worth. 

Your Ads would run inside
D-BAT. Take a look inside.

The Best Indoor Advertising in Dallas Fort Worth

Providing the best indoor advertising for brands that want to reach families.

Why Digital Ads with Bambino?

Bambino Advertising & Media

Bambino has partnered with premier sports training facilities in Dallas Ft. Worth that cater to student athletes and their families. 

17 Premier Partnerships

We have indoor facility partners where your ads will run. Always on large screens in 1080HD.

1.5 Hour Avg Stay

Our guest stay in our facilities an average of 1.5 hours while their children are training to be better athletes.

Avg. Income $100K

The families that train & play in our partner facilities have a good amount of disposable income. 

Estimated 500,000 people come through our facilities each month. 

Because our facilities are Premier Training & Entertainment, our guests stay fan overage of 1.5 hours every time they visit. 

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Indoor Out of Home Ads


There's tremendous advantages to digital advertising.

 You can change your digital ad. We can update on the fly or schedule changes you'd like to make.

 Go Beyond fixed images and create displays that will engage & wow the audience. 

 Stop waisting time & money on traditional print media. Always have up to date and relevant material without the hassle of print and distribution. 

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It's easy to do business with Bambino

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3. Grow Your Brand

Get your brand in front of an estimated 500,000 people per month today.

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1. Choose Your Facilities

Choose from our 17 premier partners, or go with the Great Bambino Package and get all of them. 

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2. Send Us Your Creative

Just send us your creative. If you need guidance, just let us know. If you need ads created, we can help with that.